Friday, 21 November 2014

Styling for Autumn: Japanese Kimono made into a Jacket

Outside Japan the Kimono (Gofuku) is commonly associated with heavy silk fabric in a flower pattern with bright colors.  Indeed the garment for women nearly always is bright, but comes in all traditional Japanese patterns. The Kimono for men has darker colors and not much of a pattern. I own several (all shortened to jacket), but this is the only one suitable for cooler temperatures, as it is made of a tight crêpe, presumably a wool mix, with metal thread in a light icy blue weaved in.
Although it has a black ground, it surely was a woman's garment.

A light pink cashmere cardigan doubles as pull, buttons on back side, to give a clear line. I like it with sharp black trousers, but it looks good too combined with a longuette skirt.

Detail of the pattern - a quite perturbing winter wood, if it wasn't for the icy blue metallic weave and the bushes in pale pink and light grey-brown.
The striking design isn't asking for accessories - I just wear it with Aquamarine drop earrings.

Traditionally it would be closed by a belt, but I prefer to use a crochet flower in the same icy blue and black  -  a personal detail, not approved by my kins ;-)

I hope this post is an encouragement to integrate garments of other cultures into our western wardrobe - as an enrichment and in the sign of globalization.


  1. Love this post and the idea!!

    Kisses. Andrea

  2. Woow adoro!

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  4. I love the kimono!! It is so beautiful and the details are amazing!


  5. Absolutely beautiful! I would love more of an authentic kimono. (:

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