Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Introducing to you my cats

As I still have to make a lot of experience here on the Blog, but don't want to bore you, I use the occasion to show to you

ROSIE, a 16 years old black female with a Siamese cat as a mother - the brown colours now begin to shine through. She is very sweet, although with age she acquired some particularities - e.g. every time someone of the family goes near the kitchen she starts to meow heavily, asking for food, which in most of the cases she will leave untouched for

MUTZO, a 10 years old male, who holds the World Record in Fast Eating. The only reason why he isn't mentioned in the Guiness Book of Records is that immediately afterwards he......ohoh......let's talk about something else. Anyway, he manages not to be a lightweight......


They both  pretend to have Style - I see it in another way. They took the Style out of every single piece of home textiles, as can be seen on the next picture

But how can I resist a face like this.......


  1. ohhhh I love them!
    Love animals soooo much!
    I had two cats when I was younger, Simba and Muffin!! They are soo cute!