Wednesday, 12 November 2014

60' Style Red Antiqued Leather Mini Skirt from today's INSTAGRAM

The look of today

For quite some time I thought of making a bag out of this VERSUS skirt (presumably 1990') - because of the gorgeous leather, very soft but still strong, - because it's shape offers itself (just to sew at the bottom, the belt like strings make for a handle,  an added zipper).

Yesterday I thought it's time to move .....

and as you can see in the pictures above, decided to give it a second chance. And it is just the right thing for these dull Autumn days we have here in Milan at the moment. The slightly creased but shiny red-orange-pink (actually have no idea how to call it) illuminates the street like some sundawns  that come in a similar colour.

Added black leggings, a black cashmere turtleneck and some strands of vivacious plastic beads (assembled from cheap bracelets of some years ago). The final touch is given by a heavy embossed sterling silver bangle marked MAPIANN (was not able to google anything about it).

And I use the heavy rain as an excuse to wear one of my beloved crochet caps, made in various shades of rose red.

I'm blonde, so this colour combination works very well for me, but I'm curious about how someone with dark hair would style it - or anybody else.
Any suggestions??

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