Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Everybody seems to be starting a Blog nowadays, so I thought - why not me? O.k., I'm not the typical minimalist 20-something....not at all! I should say - quite the contrary.

- for age (twice as much)
- for weight (hmmmmm.....the years have left some mark)
- and most of all - for STYLE

But then again - STYLE is not an absolute word, it's very personal, and different for everybody. When we are convinced that we are stylish, then WE ARE STYLISH .....

.... we just have to consider some basic rules:  it has to fit to our figure and age

That does not mean that with some pound too much we cannot wear a short skirt, or over a certain age nothing in pink. Decency is the word of order.  Short with opaque tights, just one piece in pink, and so on (dictated by common sense).


Just one or two pieces....

and it's done. Of course, seaside holidays are another world........

I hope you will accompany me on my personal journey through the world of fashion, but not only. 

Since some months I'm running an INSTAGRAM Blog, so if you are interested I would ask you to have a look on my profile STYLEYOURSELFINSTYLE

In the future I'm planning to put parallel posts there and here on the Blog, and I hope too for your comments and suggestions, as I style every outfit according to my personal taste, but would like to hear, try out and see it under other points of view.

My chosen name - Rosa - is not my real one. It means pink in my mother tongue, German -  the rose flower in the country where I reside actually, Italy -  is my preferred colour since childhood -  one of my cats is called Rosie,  and I insist wearing it throughout the years and seasons.
So I hope you will forgive me for using it!!

By the way, my real name is Barbara, just in case you would like to know ;-)

As soon as I manage uploading pictures here I will start with the real Blog
(sorry for not posting immediately, but it seems I had to start to activate the other functions; trying to upload but not sure to succeed...)

See you soon


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